– 29.11.11 –

Continuing from my wearable structure, there has been trial and error with the deconstructing method as I found it difficult to take away from the tailored jacket look. After various methods and experimentation – I have finally conquered my fear and manage to take away the tailored jacket ethic!

Also with the pleated fabric, I’ve managed to produce a high waisted maxi skirt and make a complete wearable structure outfit.











Throughout the 13 weeks of Explore Creativity. My brain has endured so much knowledge from my peers and staff members and is extremely lucky to be studying and working in the Fashion industry. I have been so inspired throughout the course and have able to accept my strong and weak points. I am hoping to do better as I know I am more than capable in doing so.

Thank you for reading my blog and hoping to blog very soon!

Peace. – Sajj P.


– 22.11.11 –

From all the workshops we’ve taken into consideration and taken into account. This is where we start out wearable structure. I’ve been truly inspired by the deconstructed and pleated workshops.

So I have decided to create my wearable structure a collaboration between deconstructed,pleated and draping.

My inspirations are from Junky Styling, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, 
Issey Miyake and Ciment Pleaters.











For my wearable structure, I have used the deconstructed technique. I have used a tailored jacket and using it to cover the chair.




















I’ve also sent fabric; polyester chiffon to a factory in Stepney Green to get it pleated.











These images show that I have been working on the wearable structure. I have been using two different techniques and would be applying it as one whole wearable structure!


I’m excited for the finished product!


Peace. – Sajj P.

– 15.11.11 –

Today we were demonstrated how to drape on the stand. We were taught how to make a basic block bodice for the mannequin and then attach the drape onto the basic block.












This showed that we can produce any form of garment onto a basic block rather than pinning into a mannequin and removing it. We produced a front and a back basic block.

From making the back and front basic block, we then started to drape onto the bodice using calico.











This was a interesting workshop and learnt a lot from this. This showed that there are various of ways you can start off your pattern cutting, designs and create several of styles.

Peace. – Sajj P.


– 08.11.11 –

Today we had a guest visitor, Terry Weinhart of Climent Pleaters – established since 1925. A professional in the industry! I was absolutely fascinated by Terry and his craftsmanship. Knowing that he and his company produced pleats to most parts of the world, celebrities and MOST fashion industries. It was an absolute privilege meeting him and listening to his presentation.

Terry discussed about pleating and taught us how to pleat [ it’s a skill! ]. He showed us a selection of pleat examples from card templates [ older than me – 46 year old template! ], to his portfolio of work and variety of pleats.

Terry Weinhart




























































After the presentation, we did our own pleats starting off with box and knife pleats.



























































I was absolutely fascinated and inspired by todays workshop. As I did more of a complex pleat, the more difficult it got for me as it was time consuming and brain damaging! But I was happy with the results and motivated!

Peace. – Sajj P.

– 01.11.11 –

Using the vintage tailored jacket from the previous workshop, todays workshop was to re-construct the tailored jacket by covering a chair.

The plan was to cover up the chair using the panels of the tailored jacket and to pin in where a natural curve or a fold would occur.

This was to see what ideas generate from a non typical silhouette.



















Taking the tailored jacket off the chair, I then placed it on the mannequin to form an interesting sillhouette.











This one reminded me of the Klu Klux Klan.








Experimentation two:






























These two are my personal favourite. This is because I turned the pinned dress inside out and out come this big bold outfit. I like the way the shoulders are formed and the way the rest of the garment is draped.



I really enjoyed this workshop today. I realised Junky Styling, the brand works to a similar concept to this and make garments out recycled clothes. Inspirational fun day!

Peace. – Sajj P.



– 25.10.11 –

For this workshop we had to purchase a man’s vintage tailored jacket [ nothing to expensive! ] and to deconstruct it.



















Looking and examining the tailored jacket inside and out, I then unpicked the lining separating it from the outer shell of the tailored jacket.











The images below will show my experimentation with the lining on the mannequin.




















After experimenting with the lining of the tailored jacket, I then experimented with the shell of the jacket in various styles.



















The last two images remind me of a straight jacket.








Overall, I enjoyed this workshop because it amazed me how much you can discover from a tailored jacket. I was taken by surprise how much you can do with it and see how intricate the details are.

This workshop really inspired me as you can do tonnes of experimentation just by unpicking. This also made me realise that you can recycle fashion by being eco friendly and being creative with garments!

Peace. – Sajj P.