Monthly Archives: October 2011

– 04.10.11 –

In continuation from the last workshop [ 27.09.11 ], we made paper folds and shapes on a larger scale. A0 sheets of paper were used.

We tried different combinations of folds and shapes to make it more interesting. Once formed, these shapes were placed on the mannequin. This was slightly difficult to form as the shape included all five rules.

An additional shape was made on much larger scale. The two pieces were then joined together to form a single piece.

Larger scale [ A0 sheets x two ]
Second part of the workshop was to work with a member and combine both shapes to structure as one exciting figure.
Two shapes as one.

We then dismantled our shapes by scrunchingsitting and battering.This is what has been produced.

On the whole, the workshop was really useful and generated plenty of motivation.

This is an inspiration because it keeps the creative juices flowing and being able to have unlimited ideas.

Peace. – Sajj P.


– 27.09.11 –

A series of paper manipulation started from a simple set of rules. My sequences of rules was:

  • Add a square.
  • Add a fold.
  • Add a triangle.
  • Add a fold.
  • Remove a triangle.
[ This was then repeated to form a manipulation of shapes. ]
[ Next step was to transfer the shapes onto a pattern paper, ready to cut and assemble into three dimensional formats. ]
 By trying several permutations to create  unusual shapes.
Each shape became more challenging to create
as they had an additional ‘rule’ added to the shapes.
This workshop was a worth while
experiment resulting in a diverse experience.
Peace. – Sajj P.

– 20.09.11 –

As a group of five, we had to demonstrate and experiment three dimensional stand work into the format of two dimensional pattern pieces.

Beginning to work on stand and fasten it with sticky tape.

[ Forming a silhouette working from waist high up using paper and sticky tape. ]

The aim of the workshop was to work with shapes from the stand. Each member of the group drew line and the next member finished off the pattern piece shape and vice versa.


At this point, this workshop really opened my eyes and inspired myself and the group to come up with endless ideas and began to dismantle the silhouette and lay out the pattern pieces.

Experimentation then took place by rearranging the pattern pieces and forming interesting shapes back on the stand individually within a time limit of ten minutes. Also other members were drawing stand work as they were creating exciting shapes!











Overall, I enjoyed this workshop as it expanded my mind of endless opportunities with pattern pieces and shapes.

Peace. – Sajj P.