Explore Creativity: Chair + Re-construct = Dress.

– 01.11.11 –

Using the vintage tailored jacket from the previous workshop, todays workshop was to re-construct the tailored jacket by covering a chair.

The plan was to cover up the chair using the panels of the tailored jacket and to pin in where a natural curve or a fold would occur.

This was to see what ideas generate from a non typical silhouette.



















Taking the tailored jacket off the chair, I then placed it on the mannequin to form an interesting sillhouette.











This one reminded me of the Klu Klux Klan.








Experimentation two:






























These two are my personal favourite. This is because I turned the pinned dress inside out and out come this big bold outfit. I like the way the shoulders are formed and the way the rest of the garment is draped.



I really enjoyed this workshop today. I realised Junky Styling, the brand works to a similar concept to this and make garments out recycled clothes. Inspirational fun day!

Peace. – Sajj P.




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