Explore Creativity: Glue and cloth.

– 11.10.11 –

Todays activity was a preparation for the next workshop.

We used nylon tights, mutton cloth, cling film and PVA glue to come up with new shapes to work with. Two chairs were constructed together and then covered in cling film to protect the chairs from staining.











We had covered the chairs in an interesting technique using mutton cloth as a base and applied nylon tights to build a stronger structure. Different methods like stretching, weaving, plaiting the nylon tights and inserted other form of mediums.











PVA glue was diluted with water and spread across the finished structure to harden and left to dry until the next workshop.

















The aim of this workshop was to see what inspirations we could discover. This helped my mind to think “outside the box”.

Personally, I found the task slightly difficult as positioning the mediums was not as easy as demonstrated by the tutors.

This reminded me of spider webs and forms of art installations.



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