Explore Creativity: Wearable Structure part duex

– 29.11.11 –

Continuing from my wearable structure, there has been trial and error with the deconstructing method as I found it difficult to take away from the tailored jacket look. After various methods and experimentation – I have finally conquered my fear and manage to take away the tailored jacket ethic!

Also with the pleated fabric, I’ve managed to produce a high waisted maxi skirt and make a complete wearable structure outfit.











Throughout the 13 weeks of Explore Creativity. My brain has endured so much knowledge from my peers and staff members and is extremely lucky to be studying and working in the Fashion industry. I have been so inspired throughout the course and have able to accept my strong and weak points. I am hoping to do better as I know I am more than capable in doing so.

Thank you for reading my blog and hoping to blog very soon!

Peace. – Sajj P.


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