Sajj P is aspiring to reach new heights and make a difference. Lives in the ‘Big Smoke’ [ London ], the most diverse and busiest place of all, a city full of buzz and adrenaline which has endless opportunities!

Sajj P feels that he can gain knowledge everyday with his surroundings and be able to have a creative flow. Even though Sajj P is born and raised in the most diverse city in the world, he shares a mixture of British and Asian lifestyle [ best of the two worlds ] and has a vast knowledge of the two cultures.

However, it is difficult for him to power his overflowing river of creativity. Living an innovative mind is not often seen as a lifetime career and could possibly be seen as taboo.

Luckily for Sajj, he has all the support in the world. And Sajj P is there to express Art and be distinctive.

”Creativity is my world. Art, Fashion and Inspiration. – Sajj P ”

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